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Recipies for your Tiny-tot

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If you have a small child (or children!) and

Find they're fussy with their food
You're running out of ideas for meals/snacks
You don't have much time to prepare fancy meals
You're worried your kid is sick of the food you give them
You want some new creative ways to present their food
You're curious what everone else is feeding their pre-school children..

Then you've come to the right place! This is a community to share recipies, ways to present food in a fun way, perhaps new products that are out that your tot loves, combinations of food you have found to work, anything that could get our creative juices flowing to make the food experience fun for our little ones.

Even the most basic ideas are welcome, I for one know that I get stuck in a routine and sometimes don't think of the simple things.

It'd be nice to have a short intro from you when you join up, ie: where you are, what stage your child is at etc.

I'm no brilliant worker of making things look beautiful, so excuse the communities colouring/set out, i actually have no idea of what i'm doing. Icons or help would be gladly appreciated :P

Please post any ideas/problems you may have with the community. Thanks! :)

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