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Possible lil kid recipe

This came out of my local paper yesterday, and I decided to make it today. Adult variations included.

Beefy Quesadilla

Ground beef - one package (about 1 lb for five people)
1/2 can refried beans (optional - I cut them out, not being a beans fan myself.)
a bit of diced tomato
1/2 cup shredded cheese, whatever you have on hand
a bit of green onion, chopped
1/3 cup either ketchup or salsa
1 tbsp chili powder (optional)

Stir-fry the ground beef until done, with chili powder if you're using it, then add everything else as you take it off the heat. Spoon onto flatbread, as many as you have people eating, then put another flatbread on top. (if you're making it for just a toddler, use one piece folded over.) Bake at 450 degrees F. until golden brown.

I just made this for my daughter - no chili powder, no salsa, no beans. On their own, she loves every single ingredient in it, but do you think she'd eat the quesadilla? So I added ketchup to it, called it a pizza, did the airplane thing, all the usual tricks. She kept her mouth firmly closed. So I left her to it and went out to try the other half in the kitchen, to find out if it was indeed inedible. It wasn't. I finished the rest.

When I came back into the dining room, Elizabeth had her hands covered in ketchup. She looked up at me with those guileless blue eyes and said, "Anodder ketchup, Mommy? Anodder ketchup?" I came over to discovered she had licked all the ketchup off of the quesadillas - but hadn't eaten a single piece.

Shortly after that she ate a small handful of shredded cheese and half of a plain piece of flatbread. I do not understand this child.
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