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midnight snack

i dedicated the day to cleaning the house, and obviously the kitchen was a mess, and i didn't want to leave everything just to make some room, washing the dishes so i could cook...i didn't have to worry about sergio because my moom took him with her to gimme a little peace while i was cleaning.
i came to stay at her house, and i was hungry, i made this "salad" and sergio liked it (like that was new that my son likes food, lol)

apples and carrots sliced, chopped, or whatever you prefer.
cottage cheese
orange and lemon juice (natural)
raisins, nuts, etc.
honey or sugar.
-i wanted to use canned pineapple, but they didn't have it at the store.

i remember a carrot salad that my mom used to make, my sisters loved it and everytime they visited us they were like 'silvina, pleeeeaaaaase make that carrot salad'...that and a soup that i will post some other day. lol...the one she makes is almost the same but with condensed milk which adds like a million calories and is way too sweet for my taste, so i decided to replace it...i'm sure that it can work great with yoghurt too.

kids always love fruit, and it's light so moms can enjoy it too :)
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